Seemingly attempting to be Withnail & I, Meet Pursuit Delange joins together several genres, and even more plots in its strange attempt to be funny. The jokes are terribly outdated, with race, sexuality and gender stereotypes a plenty.

Random musical numbers are no bad thing as a concept, but they are so out of place, and the music is so bad, that it becomes cringe-worthy. The score is so inharmonious that it becomes distracting, and Right Said Fred’s repeated appearances are just baffling.

Posh white guys down on their luck just aren’t sympathetic characters.

It’s Wodehouse without the wit or intelligence, and what we are left with is like a terrible BBC1 sitcom with cheesy storytelling style.



DIRECTOR: Howard Webster

WRITER: Howard Webster

CAST: Jason Flemyng, Robert Portal, Ben Starr

SYNOPSIS: Three university friends living together in a cricket hut attempt to find a way out of their poor financial situation, with plenty of mishaps along the way.