Uplifting and life affirming, Sailing To Paradise allows us inside every inch of two characters and their friendship. This is a funny and touching tale of how much we need other people to help us through dark times.

Stellar performances from Ajda Smrekar and Klemen Janezic mean that the film never borders on cheesy or overly romantic, with Janezic in particular a joy to watch on screen.

The dark pasts of the pair never take over, and the film is instead genuinely funny; it is the joy and easy humour of their friendship that we sail away with.

Great performances and a perfectly constructed script means that Sailing To Paradise manages to perfectly show us just how important the journey can be, without ever being too preachy.



CAST: Ajda Smrekar, Klemen Janezic

DIRECTOR: Blaz Zavrsnik

WRITER: Blaz Zavrsnik, Ajda Smrekar, Klemen Janezic

SYNOPSIS: After the death of his parents, Zac attempts to hide away from the world at sea, a plan thwarted by his eager companion.