High voltage action from The Carrier will have you on the edge of your seat, and – even more impressively – it does so with a tiny budget.

Without the luxury of big visuals and big effects, the same level of tension is instead created through the smartly written and performed characters – their interplay and relationships. It’s this that makes the film as fun as it is.

It also does well to address the moral questions implicit in its premise – what do you do with all the infected people? – without getting too caught up in attempting to be a fable.

Great fun, full of suspense and drama – what The Carrier lacks in fancy special effects, it makes up for in punch.



DIRECTOR: Anthony Woodley

WRITER: Helen Kingston, Stefan Mitchell, Anthony Woodley

CAST: Edmund Kingsley, Joe Dixon, Jack Gordon

SYNOPSIS: As a mysterious incurable infection (spread by touch) wreaks havoc on the world, a plane full of people desperate to escape roams the skies, looking for a place to find solace and safety.