Frozen II

Frozen II – Review

Frozen II can’t quite recapture the lightning its predecessor managed to bottle, but it’s still an entertaining ride that goes to some interesting places.
The Goldfinch (1)

The Goldfinch – Review

There’s a scene in The Goldfinch where Hobie, a dealer and restorer of antique furniture, teaches protagonist Theo how to distinguish between a true antique and a fake. Fake antiques, he says, are dead...
It Chapter Two

It Chapter Two – Review

How do you make a film that’s half an adaptation of one of the greatest horror novels ever written, and a sequel to the highest-grossing horror movie of all time? Andy Muschetti’s answer seems to be: by...

Brightburn – Review

There’s a whole subgenre of superhero comics that came about from asking ‘what if?’ As in, what if Batman was a vampire? What if the Avengers had been around in Elizabethan England? Now David...

Greta – Review

Neil Jordan's last film, the underrated vampire tale Byzantium, focused on an unconventional mother-daughter relationship to riveting effect. Now he returns to the same well for Greta, albeit with mixed...
Missing Link

Missing Link – Review

The world of animation has been going through some major evolution in recent years, with films like The LEGO Movie and its spin-offs or Into the Spider-Verse pushing the boundaries of what the medium can look...

Dumbo – Review

Disney is showing no signs of slowing down in its effort to remake all of its classic animated films, but it is easy to justify taking a crack at Dumbo. Clocking in at just over an hour long, the 1941 original...

On the Basis of Sex – Review

This review was originally published on 6/2/2019. In the age of Donald Trump, it's unsurprising that Ruth Bader Ginsburg – only the second woman in history to ascend to the US Supreme Court – has...