The Green Knight

The Green Knight – Review

The story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is steeped in ambiguity - we don’t even know the name of its original author - and countless writers have attempted to make sense of it over the years (including...

Luca – Review

After giving us all an existential crisis with Soul, the folks at Pixar have taken things down a few notches with Luca. It’s a charming story about two boys - Luca (Jacob Tremblay) and Alberto (Jack Dylan...
A shot of Olivia Colman and Anthony Hopkins in The Father

The Father – Review

Adapted by Florian Zeller from his stage play of the same name, The Father is a film about the ravages of time in the vein of Michael Haneke’s Amour. But while Haneke presented his subjects with clinical...
Army Of The Dead

Army of the Dead – Review

The first 20 minutes of Army of the Dead are an absolute joy to watch. After an efficient, no-nonsense explanation of how the zombie apocalypse came to pass, we’re treated to a bombastic montage showing the...
Riz Ahmed Sound Of Metal (1)

Sound of Metal – Review

This film was previously reviewed in April 2021 for its digital release. Early on in Sound of Metal, a group of deaf addicts sign a prayer that’s common in 12-step programmes: “God grant us the serenity...

Radioactive – Review

Radioactive should have been a slam dunk. The life of Marie Curie is ripe for cinematic adaptation, and this one is directed by Marjane Satrapi, the French-Iranian filmmaker behind the autobiographical...
The Hunt

The Hunt – Review

It’s easy to see why The Hunt was shelved last year following a spate of mass shootings in the US. Not because it’s violent – it is, but not emphatically more so than many other films released since –...
And Then We Danced

And Then We Danced – Review

There’s a curious paradox at the heart of And Then We Danced. The traditional dancing practised at the Georgian National Ensemble in Tbilisi is built on discipline and hyper-masculinity. “There is no room...
The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man – Review

It seems oddly fitting that The Invisible Man should be released mere days after the conviction of sex offender Harvey Weinstein. Once part of the ill-fated ‘Dark Universe’, now in the hands of director...
Frozen II

Frozen II – Review

Frozen II can’t quite recapture the lightning its predecessor managed to bottle, but it’s still an entertaining ride that goes to some interesting places.