Hello! One Room With A View is on the long list for the UK Blog Awards 2016 in the Arts & Culture category. Yay! This is our first time up for any sort of award, and we’re pretty thrilled about it.

The UK Blog Awards are not just another awards evening, but the chance to be acknowledged and recognised as a true knowledge provider within our industry, and provides us a unique opportunity to promote our fine selves to you, professionals and organisations.

The next step is to get us onto that all important shortlist, and we need YOUR help.

We have the opportunity to gain votes for One Room With A View from Monday 4th January 2016 until Monday 25th January 2016 at 9pm.

To convince you further, here’s our pitch:

Naval officer, student, civil servant, teacher, question setter on Pointless; these are just a few of our day-job titles at One Room With A View. We are a website where movie fans come to explore and profess their love of film.

The O.R.W.A.V. journey began in my bedroom in September 2013. What started as a portfolio of my rambling thoughts – yet another voice added to the Internet cacophony – soon evolved. Then two friends decided they wanted to have their work published on the site and something clicked. No one ever sought any monetary reward; for us it was, and still is, about writing what we want, when we want.

Our unique angle is offering reviews in just 100 words. Research has shown that the average online attention span is under 10 seconds, and so we decided to capture the essence of the reviewed films in a shorter space. It is a challenge that the writers have risen to in style. If you read our Ex Machina example, you will realise that 100 words is enough to achieve real insight and excellence.

Something we’re equally proud of is our variety of features. Instead of chasing page views with film news, we wanted to create a place offering unique and fascinating work. This is true of all our features, whether we are supporting the little guys in Making It Big or excavating behind-the-scenes stories in Best Films Never Made or Stories From The Set. We write because we love film and want out visitors to love it too.

Following the words of Film Critic Hulk, we don’t hate any film. Second Chance, a section in which we defend films derided by the critics, best embodies this ethos. Seriously, She’s The Man is fantastic.

This little site – developed by friends and mountains of missed evenings – has fostered a strong core audience of 10,000 monthly unique users. More than this, we’ve received over two million pageviews for our work throughout our lifetime. This, in turn, has helped us grow even further. In 2015 alone we attended film festivals established and upcoming – London, Cannes, Berlin, BFI Flare, Sundance London, and Sheffield Doc festival. The joy of hearing some random individual of the press having heard of us cannot be expressed in these mere words.

So why vote for us? One Room With A View is a site that is never content to stand still. We’ve got a YouTube channel full of red carpet interviews & more, and we’re well into our third season of our glorious podcast with Christopher and Dan. We’re always trying to attempt something new, and find new ways of spreading our enthusiasm with the world. More than a blog, we’re something of a family.

As the editor/founder, I’m so proud of all we’ve achieved. Now I want the extraordinary work all the team do to be considered for recognition. To even be shortlisted for a prestigious UK Blog Award would be the greatest thanks I could offer to my team. From one (bed)room in Bournemouth to reaching 95% of the world’s countries – we’re coming for you, Guam – One Room With A View is a wonderful thing that continues to send out positive and professional vibes into the world of film.

We’ll keep at it in 2016 and beyond, improving constantly to be the best we can be. Please do consider voting for us, and we hope to count you as a reader sometime soon.


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Thank you all so much for your continued support! Fingers crossed!

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