Sleekly sensual montages and a wonderfully hypnotic soundtrack set the tone for this stylish documentary. Meanwhile, thoughtful structure and fantastic tempo provide the foundation for an expertly filmed and thought-provoking conversation that follows.

During its candid and colourful evolution, Mala Mala remains admirably focused upon its charismatic subjects. In showcasing unqualified empathy it simply communicates the complex personal, social, and political aspirations these diverse individuals confront.

The film is intimate, but not exploitative; eye-opening, but dignified; inspirational, yet bittersweet. It allows its participants complete freedom to express their intriguing and articulate insight without demanding personal justification.

An edit away from perfection, Mala Mala is an inclusive, inspiring and utterly unflinching treatment of gender expression. This must-see celebration of individualism will resonate with and enchant a universal audience.



CAST: Jason Carrión, Samantha Close, Ivana Fred, Queen Bee Ho, Paxx Moll, Alberic Prados/Zahara Montiere, Denise “Sandy” Rivera, Soraya Santiango Solla, Sophia Voines

DIRECTOR: Antonio Santini, Dan Sickles

WRITER: Antonio Santini, Dan Sickles

SYNOPSIS: Mala Mala examines the power of transformation told through the eyes of 9 trans-identifying individuals in Puerto Rico.

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