Films should show us the wonder of human life, and Driving With Selvi certainly manages this.

Following the life of one unconventional Indian woman, and her desire to do what she loves, the film is like a love letter to humans who manage wonderful things.

Not just brilliant because of Selvi herself, the film’s tone is perfect; it is important without preaching, and heart-breaking without overplaying the tragedy.

Selvi also never forces opinion upon us – it simply shows you the life of a woman who has endured something thousands of girls endure daily, and ends by asking you to help.

A story that spreads a message whilst also drawing you into a warm personality, Driving With Selvi will offer hope and give you drive to be more like Selvi herself.  



DIRECTOR: Elisa Paloschi

SYNOPSIS: A documentary following the life of the woman known in India as the ‘first female taxi driver’, and how she came back from her dark past as a child bride to turn her life around.