The Mexican setting of heat and sand only increases the feeling that Ganzo is like a hazy memory.

The film is perturbing not only due to the strange manner of conversation, but also because of the direction, especially the off kilter overlapping of sound and image.

With a tiny cast and sprawling locations, the characters are at the forefront of the film throughout – a testament to its screenplay.

A strange mix of repetitive songs, none of which work with each other, underpins the action and creates a sense that you too are losing a grip on your personal reality.

A hazy film that transports you completely, El Ganzo might not leave you feeling satisfied, but it’s fine character study throughout.

RATING: 3/5 


CAST: Susan Traylor, Anslem Richardson, Mark Booker 

DIRECTOR: Steve Balderson

WRITERS: Steve Balderson, Susan Traylor, Anslem Richardson   

SYNOPSIS: A tale of two lonely people finding each other miles away from home.