Strong performances from the entire cast make Happy 140 the intense character driven drama that it is. A bit twee at times, the falling apart of a friendship when money is thrown into the mix could have been pushed even further to make the Happy‘s purpose even stronger.

The (almost) one location setting gives it the claustrophobic feel of a play, and perhaps this would have been a better form for the story – but it’s a clever examination of how money changes things. Director Gracia Querejeta successfully weaves together the lives we see on screen.

Interesting character study about how money changes things, that doesn’t play quite enough on the darkness.



DIRECTOR: Gracia Querejeta

WRITER: Gracia Querejeta

CAST: Maribel Verdu, Antonio De la Torre, Eduard Fernandez

SYNOPSIS: When Elia wins 140 million euros she gathers her friends together on her 40th birthday to tell them – ignorant of the hell it will unleash.