John Hawkes is a joy to watch as a throwback to 70’s lone wolf private investigators. His lazy confidence as he seemingly throws out his lines never stops him savouring every word.

The narrative structure never lets you settle – different episodes of the story unfold in random order, so you learn more about what’s gone before as the film goes on. But even better, this never gets in the way of the story itself.

It feels like early Tarantino, not only in its sharp style, but in its light humour, strong characters, and genius storytelling.

A slick narrative idea never gets in the way of the smart story and heart-breaking character relationships, in this ode to the 70’s antihero.



DIRECTOR: Dennis Huack

WRITER: Dennis Huack

CAST: John Hawkes, Jeff Fahey, Robert Foster, Crystal Reed

SYNOPSIS: A tangled web of story is spilled out on screen as a private investigator is hired to find a missing girl.