Visually overflowing, and just about as ludicrous as it is “clever”, Luc Besson’s latest relies so heavily on pseudo-intellectualism that its outer world quickly falls away to pseudo-reality. Though validation is never quite needed for the near-mythical aspects of “science en scene”, Lucy instead opts to piggyback off a variety of iconic sci-fi abstractions. The result of this merely renders the veritable CGI jubilee all the more farcical – though admittedly no less enjoyable. Despite largely parodying the genre through shallow obscurity, Lucy knowingly makes no apologies; she’s there to entertain, and little else.

Undeterred by its self-imposed heraldry, Lucy is essentially a spectacle without the substance.



CAST: Scarlett JohanssonMorgan FreemanMin-sik Choi 

DIRECTOR: Luc Besson

WRITERS: Luc Besson

SYNOPSIS: A woman steadily increases her cerebral capacity under the influence of a new recreational drug.