Cryptozoo WEB 1

Cryptozoo – Review

This film was previously reviewed in January 2021 as part of our Sundance Festival coverage. Dash Shaw and Jane Samborski’s Cryptozoo takes viewers on a journey along with cryptozookeepers who set out to...

Mad God – EIFF 2021 Review

Stop-motion animation has taken Wallace and Gromit to the moon and given us the eternal love of Jack and Sally. Its limitations are only the imagination, able to create something impossible by any other means....

Luca – Review

After giving us all an existential crisis with Soul, the folks at Pixar have taken things down a few notches with Luca. It’s a charming story about two boys - Luca (Jacob Tremblay) and Alberto (Jack Dylan...
Wolfwalkers (1)

Wolfwalkers – Review

This film was previously reviewed in October 2020 as part of our London Film Festival coverage. Everyone daydreams of life in the skies, taking wing and soaring through the clouds. But let’s be real,...

Soul – LFF 2020 Review

With his lifelong dream close enough to taste, jazz musician Joe (Jamie Foxx) suddenly finds himself moving towards the gates of Heaven. Following an accident, the man’s body lies in a hospital bed while his...
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Frozen II – Review

Frozen II can’t quite recapture the lightning its predecessor managed to bottle, but it’s still an entertaining ride that goes to some interesting places.
Missing Link

Missing Link – Review

The world of animation has been going through some major evolution in recent years, with films like The LEGO Movie and its spin-offs or Into the Spider-Verse pushing the boundaries of what the medium can look...