With tensions between the USA and Russia on the rise again, this film is a timely reminder of how close the world came to nuclear apocalypse in 1983.

The man in question is the conflicted Stanislav Petrov, who rejects the tag of a hero, instead insisting that he was merely in the right place, at the right time.

Switching between dramatic recreation and documentary, the film is part road trip, part anti-nuclear protest and part familial drama. Unfortunately, despite compelling source material and the presence of some well-known faces, this feels like a missed opportunity to tell an important story.

Whilst the message of peace and reconciliation is undoubtedly worthy, The Man Who Saved the World is communicated in a distinctly clunky and occasionally patronising fashion, with a televisual feel.



CAST: Stanislav Petrov, Kevin Costner, Sergey Shnyryov

DIRECTOR: Peter Anthony

SYNOPSIS: A former Soviet Colonel, who in 1983 prevented the deaths of millions by convincing the armed forces that reports of incoming American nuclear missiles were false, travels to the USA and exercises his demons.

 A preview screening of The Man Who Saved The World was kindly provided by Statement Film and Organic Publicity.