Which of these isn’t uttered during Draft Day?

  1. “I dedicated my life to this sport – just like you.”
  2. “This city deserves a championship, and I’m the guy to deliver it!”
  3. “When I wake up, I breathe footballs, do you dig?”*

Draft Day is two hours of expositional dialogue and over-edited phone calls as Costner’s embattled Sonny Weaver Jr. looks on gloomily, wondering “If I sign him, will they come?”

Any actual problems that might otherwise be deemed significant – unplanned pregnancy, daddy issues, a prospect’s assault charge – are unimportant; this is football, baby!

How art imitates life.

Though not as incompetent as the majority of its characters for a film that begins with a countdown on “a day where lives are changed and fates are decided”, Draft Day presents bafflingly little tension and precious little point.

RATING: 2/ 5

*Option three is not uttered within the theatrical cut of Draft Day


CAST: Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner, Chadwick Boseman

DIRECTOR: Ivan Reitman

WRITERS: Scott Rothman, Rajiv Joseph

SYNOPSIS: On the day of the NFL draft, Cleveland Browns GM Sonny Weaver Jr. is faced with the decision of his life.