Making his directorial debut with Cabin Fever in 2002, with a further array of torture porn quickly on the way through Hostels one and two, actor/producer/director Eli Roth freely continues his gore-laden career in much the same vein – this time, with cannibals.

In blurring the lines between irony and contempt, The Green Inferno would willingly have you wonder how this ’80s B-movie made its way to the modern theatre. This is when you discover just how accommodating Roth’s cheek must be. Impossibly knowing, and gleefully macabre, The Green Inferno wrests screams from either end of the spectrum.

The Green Inferno sets out to be simply entertaining, and is.



CAST: Lorenza IzzoAriel LevySky Ferreira


WRITERS: Eli Roth, Nicolás López, Guillermo Amoedo

SYNOPSIS: Upon discovering a plot that would effectively drive out an indigenous tribe within the Amazon, a group of college activists set out to halt further deforestation.