Benigni is a beguiling and paradoxical fantasy of the mundane which, despite early foreshadowing, contains plenty of shock value.

Skilful animation endows the papier-mâché-based protagonist with a full range of emotions which are as vividly conveyed as his derelict and grubby world.

Despite eschewing dialogue, Benigni is an expressive and stark portrait of loneliness. Narrative conflict benignly grows into something unexpected, and this new presence is cleverly commented on in the subtle change to the central character’s reading habits.

Thanks to its instantly sympathetic protagonist, Benigni is capable of drawing drastically opposed responses throughout its few short minutes.

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DIRECTORS: Pinja Partenen, Jasmiini Ottelin, Elli Vuorinen

WRITERS: Pinja Partenen, Jasmiini Ottelin, Elli Vuorinen

SYNOPSIS: A man’s lonely existence is interrupted by a strange health concern.