“Only two things are infinite,” Albert Einstein once said, “the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not so sure about the universe.” One imagines Robert Kenner came to the same conclusion while making Merchants of Doubt.

The director of Food Inc. returns with a slick and stylish documentary about the lobbyists and professional skeptics who have been influencing political decision-making for decades.

Sure, it’s fun to laugh at climate change deniers throwing out absurd soundbites on Fox News, but Kenner is sure to remind us of the all too real consequences of ignoring such obvious truths for so long.

Merchants of Doubt isn’t going to change the minds of any skeptics out there; it’s more about preaching to the converted. Still, Kenner’s is a well-delivered sermon that’s worth listening to.



DIRECTOR: Robert Kenner

WRITERS: Erik M Conway, Naomi Oreskes (book)

SYNOPSIS: A documentary that looks at pundits-for-hire who present themselves as scientific authorities as they speak about topics like toxic chemicals, pharmaceuticals and climate change.

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