You face a decision. You will kill millions. Or, you will watch the world burn around you.

Sick to your guts you feel the cold dread of a desperately uncertain future. It’s time to decide.

The premise seems made for theatre but works beautifully on screen thanks to Tom Harper’s precise direction and suspenseful editing that establishes an enthralling dynamic between the cast.

Every performance is superb, bringing a mix of relatable humanity and political monstrosity to the unthinkable decision.

Thorne’s script and the cast’s performances bring welcome humour to such an apocalyptic topic but it’s the ethical conundrums that take centre stage.

There is a rare focus and ruthless quality in this low-budget indie that deserves and demands your attention. You won’t forget this: as one chilling moment implies – it might be your future.


Read our interview with director Tom Harper here.


CAST: Sophie Okonedo, Ben Chaplin, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Shaun Evans, Adeel Akthar, Nicholas Burns, Kerry Fox, Antony Sher, Phoebe Fox

DIRECTOR: Tom Harper

WRITER: Jack Thorne

SYNOPSIS: At the heart of government, a hypothetical situation is played out: what would you do if the world was on the brink of nuclear war and its fate was in your hands?

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