Ronnie Goodman is a fit, athletic, marathon-running, 53-year-old homeless man; the incongruence of this sentence provides Every Runner Has A Reason its fascinating hook. Despite a bijou running time, DeBree allows this soft-spoken yet burdened man room to regale his story of Hell and redemption through running.

Beautifully shot by DoP James Niebuhr, his use of dollies, drones and Steadicams provides the tale with a personal and profound elegance. Goodman’s path to recovery is littered with brief glimpses at his chequered past (“cocaine, crack-cocaine, heroin, meth”), but by the short’s conclusion, a future filled with inspiration and hope shines through.

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CAST: Ronnie Goodman

DIRECTOR: Jordan DeBree


SYNOPSIS: Ronnie Goodman may well be San Francisco’s most unexpected half-marathoner. Every Runner has a Reason is the story of why he runs.