Mondays, right? Garfield knows what I’m talking about.

A timid fella takes transport, bustled along in the crowds he seeks to avoid. Unable to escape, he seemingly gets his wish. Not quite. Scene.

Commissioned by the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Grégoire Pont’s Agoraphobic is reminiscent of the classic The Cat Concerto (or Rhapsody Rabbit, Warner Bros. fans), its score perfectly in sync with the action on screen.

Its colours, too, shift: muted blues and greys enlivened with matching splashes of colour. Sure it’s not particularly deep, but unlike most commutes it’s worth looking up and soaking it all in.

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DIRECTOR: Grégoire Pont

MUSIC: Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France

SYNOPSIS: A commuter tries to escape the hustle and bustle that precedes him wherever he goes.