When medical catastrophe hits star-crossed lovers, a charming Cambridge romance lurches into powerful melancholy.

As the viewer eyes into the Hawkings’ extraordinary life, Jones completely sells the conflicting mixture of sentiment and resentment filling Jane as she is struck by the gravity of their situation.

The brightest star though is Redmayne, who meets the challenge with an unforgettable performance. The internal turmoil Stephen faces as his world implodes is as realised as the external transformation when ALS grabs hold to paralyse him.

Exquisitely shot, and imbued with the infectious optimism of resilience – this film has everything.

Bold, beautiful and brilliant, the 2015 film calendar has started with a big bang. The Theory of Everything may not tell us the full story but the captivating narrative it presents makes it more than worthy of your attention. 



CAST: Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones, David Thewlis, Maxine Peake

DIRECTOR: James Marsh

WRITER: Anthony McCarten (screenplay), Jane Hawking (book)

SYNOPSIS: A brief history of the famous physicist Stephen Hawking (Redmayne), his life with his wife Jane (Jones), and his diagnosis of motor neurone disease.