The Diary of Ochibi is a charming piece of entertainment whose stylistic tendencies harken back to the pre-Disney days of animation.

With no sound, save for the chirpy music, it reminds one of silent cinema, specifically Felix the Cat cartoons from the 1920s. Although much of the animation here is stop-motion, the way characters interact with a live-action environment is reminiscent of the Max Fleischer series Out of the Inkwell.

A cute example of how timeless these old cartoons can be, The Diary of Ochibi still manages to be a creative effort in its own right.

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DIRECTOR: Masashi Kawamura

WRITER: Masashi Kawamura

SYNOPSIS: Four stories about a boy and two dogs, revolving around the seasons of the year. The Diary of Ochibi is an adaptation of the slice-of-life manga by Moyoco Anno.