Happy 2014 to one and all. It’s a new year and it’s a time for us all to achieve those goals we’ve always wanted. Losing a few pounds, watching a few more films or even making a Sweeney Todd inspired thriller set in a British Kebab Shop plagued by binge drinking culture. Ah, that last one may not be everyone’s but it is for the team at White Lantern who are set to produce this highly original, deliciously bloody thriller set in yours truly’s home town. Welcome to K-SHOP.

That synopsis has you hooked. It has me hooked. However, there is a constant risk with these high-concept ideas as you hope they can deliver you childish glee and more yet they usually result in sorry B-movie affairs that ruin a fantastic premise and disappoint your inner cinephile. The latter feeling has emanated throughout cinemas and laptops in the present decade with a constant stream of ‘novel’, ‘quirky’ and ‘funny’ ideas aiming high but falling flat failing to utilise the full potential of their idea dulling their niche joke into submission i.e. Iron Sky or everything The Asylum produce.

K Shop Poster

Courtesy of K-Shop Movie

So, what does K-Shop has to offer that’s different? With this initial joy/fear in mind, we must step back and realise this project has much more to offer than cheap, gory thrills. Their story takes place in a British kebab shop plagued by the nation’s binge drinking culture. After the authorities fail to bring to justice the drunken customers responsible for the death of his father, Kebab Shop Owner Salar begins the dark and lonely descent into the world of vigilantism.

After a fight with a disrespectful customer goes wrong, Salar finds himself needing to dispose of a dead body and turns to the one place he knows best…the kebabs. Witnessing his unsuspecting customers wolfing down the new recipe, Salar quickly realises his opportunity to further escalate the fight against the drunks and launches into a killing spree against those he deems punishable.

They never said it wasn’t a Sweeney Todd inspired movie… However, there’s definitely something more to this project than a love-fest for the Tim Burton film. There’s a definite element of Harry Brown here and even some Joel Schumacher’s Falling Down. The restless man against the system, ready to change the accepted status quo of terror in the hope of achieving normality. Not because he’s a hero but because he’s had enough.  Combine this with a wickedly dark sense of humour that should course through the project’s veins, this is definitely one that could make it big.

Sweeney Todd

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

So, what do they want our money for? As we all know, any film production is surprisingly and consistently expensive. For the team at White Lantern, they are looking to generate additional funding to secure and design the film’s two main locations in the kebab shop and its seedy basement. Every additional pound they can generate between now and the beginning of principle photography (commencing 3rd Feb 2014) will be invested in improving the authenticity of Salar’s kebab shop. The lengths they are ready to go are highlighted through creating a fully functioning shop complete with table booths, fryers, a salad counter and kebab grills. Aesthetically genuine and tasty!

Their Kickstarter has a goal of £10,000 and, for all intents and purposes, that is rather modest. They have a stretch goal of £20,000 in the hope of achieving greater special effects for the film as well as improving the camera budget for extra filters, lenses and potentially a better unit altogether. 


Courtesy of Getty Images

But what do you get in return for your money? Having read many dross and dull Kickstarters (“We’ll give you a thanks on our Facebook page for $50…”), K-Shop have really outdone themselves in terms of returns. Each lovingly named after a key element of the kebab shop: ‘The Chilli Sauce’, ‘Small Chips’ & ‘The Kofte King’. The personal favourite in terms of returns comes from the blandest object of all ‘The Pitta Bread’. For 20 English Pounds, you receive a special mention within the film’s credits over what your money was actually used on e.g. John ‘Two Kilos of the world’s finest lamb donner’ Smith. It’s a nice touch.

The final verdict is that this is dark, comedic little UK project that aims to carry a message through to its audience behind all the donner and salad. The team are a young, passionate team dedicated to producing a high quality final product that will not simply act as a flash-in-the-pan to film’s subconscious. As always, you have the final say. Take a look at their Kickstarter and make sure to check out their promo video below.


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