With the 2010s in the rearview mirror we took the chance to look back at our favourite films of the decade and rank them. You can see where we ended up here, and I hope you’ll agree it’s a great ranking.

But maybe you’re yet to see some of our highest rated films? Or perhaps you’re already a fan looking to indulge your passion a bit more? You’ve come to the right place, with our best buys highlighting some perfect presents for any film fan.

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Mad Max Fury Road

Mad Max Fury Road Edit

Courtesy of: Warner Bros. Pictures

There aren’t many action films as rewatchable or relentlessly thrilling as Mad Max: Fury Road. You can read our articles about why it’s the best film of the 2010s, why it has an iconic feminist action hero, or hey, why not just tune in and rewatch it right now? (US/UK)

It’s also one of the most beautiful films of the last decade, which you can celebrate with this book on the Art of Mad Max: Fury Road (US/UK).

Though arguably, its beauty isn’t just down to the bright lights and pretty colours. Director George Miller even produced a ‘chrome’ version converting the film into black and white, which you can rent or buy now (US/UK). Incredibly, it’s still just as powerful.

Lastly, it’s hard to overlook the film’s incredible music from Junkie XL. What other film could get away with an apocalyptic clown shredding on a flamethrowing guitar? We recommend the vinyl for ultimate audio quality (US/UK)

Phantom Thread


Courtesy of: Universal Pictures

Paul Thomas Anderson is arguably the most acclaimed director of the last decade, with a hit-rate of masterpieces which most filmmakers can only dream of. Phantom Thread might just be his best. You can stream it (US/UK) or buy a physical copy (US/UK) now.

Jonny Greenwood may have made his name as Radiohead’s guitarist, but just to make you really jealous, turns out he’s also an incredible composer, delivering some of his most beautiful work yet with this soundtrack (US/UK).

The Grand Budapest Hotel


Courtesy of: Fox Searchlight

In a career full of picture perfect pastels and clockwork emotions, The Grand Budapest Hotel is the culmination of everything Wes Anderson holds dear. His repressed characters fit perfectly into this fairytale hotel on the cusp of war, and the riotous plot, full of slapstick chaos and an all-time great performance from Ralph Fiennes is far more hard-hitting than twee.

This is the kind of film made for a physical copy (US/UK) and the kind of film you’re guaranteed to want to rewatch again and again.

It also has one of the best companion books of recent years by critic Matt Zoller Seitz (US/UK). His book features interviews with Wes, behind-the-scenes secrets and the impeccable design you’d expect from an Anderson fan. P.S. if one film isn’t enough, his book on all the previous Wes Anderson films is even better… (US/UK)

Get Out


Courtesy of: Universal Pictures

Get Out is one of the best debut films you’re likely to see. An under-the-radar horror from a filmmaker previously just known for his comedy performances, it ripped through the box office and woke up audiences across the world with its critique of middle-class racism.

You can watch it online (US/UK) or with a physical copy (US/UK), but you definitely need to see it no matter what. I’d have watched it a third time if I could.

Jordan Peele won the Best Original Screenplay Oscar for Get Out and this annotated screenplay featuring some deleted scenes and insights from the writer/director is the perfect companion, especially for any aspiring writers (US/UK)



Courtesy of: Altitude Film Distribution

Moonlight pulled off the biggest shock in Oscar history when it pipped La La Land to the Best Picture Oscar, in the most scandalous fashion imaginable. Go on, watch it again. It’s just as crazy as you remember. But, never forget that it was also a deserved win. Moonlight is a perfect love story which just so happened to be about a black and gay community that rarely gets this kind of global spotlight.

If you still haven’t seen it, then now is the time. Maybe it’s not the kind of film you normally watch. We guarantee it will blow you away (US/UK).