No one who was a part of the first Evil Dead film could have imagined that it would turn into the franchise it is today, nor that the popularity of the films would just continue to grow over time. Steve Villeneuve’s Hail to the Deadites is a documentary that focuses on the fans of the franchise, where we get to witness their passion for the films firsthand through interviews and look into their own backstories, as well as interviews from those who worked on the films and the actors who starred in them, with a big focus on Bruce Campbell and his iconic portrayal of Ash.

It’s clear that this documentary was made by a fan of the Evil Dead franchise, with the love for the films coming through strongly. The best part of Hail to the Deadites is the platform that it gives to the fans, letting them truly express their passion. Even if you aren’t an Evil Dead fan, it’s still enjoyable to hear people talk about the things that they love. We get to listen to some personal stories, and see just how much the films have had a deep effect on so many as Villeneuve travels across the country to speak to different people. This documentary shows the connections formed between the fans, whether it be marriage or friendships made from all across the globe; the one thing that ties them together is this franchise, and of course, their love of Bruce Campbell. 

Hail to the Deadites gives us an inside look at the fan culture surrounding one of the biggest horror movie franchises, and what sets this documentary apart is the voice that it gives to the fans. There is something very relatable in witnessing others experience such pure joy from film.



CAST: Kassie Wesley DePaiva, Ellen Sandweiss, Betsy Baker

DIRECTOR: Steve Villeneuve

WRITER: Steve Villeneuve

SYNOPSIS: A documentary about the fans of the Evil Dead franchise that explores its continued popularity.