Imagine if one man were responsible for the success of the entire rock ‘n’ roll scene in the ‘60s. Danny Says doesn’t go quite that far, but it does depict Danny Fields, publicist, manager and tastemaker for the likes of The Velvet Underground, The Stooges and The Ramones as the lightning rod around which so many stars were jolted into life.

As you’d expect there are hilarious rock ‘n’ roll anecdotes aplenty and Danny is a gregarious subject. His influence is evident in the huge amount of behind-the-scenes recordings that feature, so it’s disappointing his story isn’t told more skilfully.

Quirky animations mix beautifully with archive footage and interview, but although entertaining there isn’t too much here that’s particularly new or compelling.



CAST: Danny Fields, Iggy Pop, Jac Holzman, Wayne Kramer, Tommy Ramone

DIRECTOR: Brendan Toller

WRITER: Brendan Toller

SYNOPSIS: Danny Says is a documentary on the life and times of Danny Fieldswho played a pivotal role in music and “culture” of the late 20th century.