In one of his frequent Facebook Q&As, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn was asked for his advice on how to make it as a director. His one-line answer? “Make impressive short films.” Throughout this feature’s history on our site, we’ve seen a cavalcade of quality calling cards. Night Falls on Loserville is no different. This short ranks up there with the best, and highlights the two directors as serious and visionary talents.

The near-silent short (bar murmurs, honks and the sound of pelicans kissing) rides on the drive and vision of Kyriacou and Buznea. Their dedication to electric, cartoonish visuals is immediately attractive and eye-catching. The vivid use of colour, the cartoonish entrance of sound effects, and split-screen edits is bold and arresting. Yet it’s never a question of style over substance. Each layer of aesthetic quality is earned. Kyriacou and Buznea aim to arrest, entertain and enrapture, yet there is quality in all departments.

Underlying these fine visuals and direction is an actual story of some quality. It’s far from original, but it provides the framework the team need to shine. The story of three friends attending an awful party can so easily slip into cliché and a cold connect-the-dots. Yet there’s an earnest heart behind it all as the directors present the characters in three dimensions. All with flaws, weaknesses and charm, they’re wholly relatable as we go through this one night as a youth.

Animation is currently enjoying a quality the likes of which we’ve never enjoyed before. With Laika and Disney raising the bar for animation today, it’s refreshing to know that the future could be in good hands too. If the likes of Kyriacou and Buznea, and others we’ve seen in our Short of the Week series, can expand and grow, a new era of glorious animation awaits us.

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DIRECTORS: Remus Buznea & Kiki Kyriakou

WRITERS: Remus Buznea & Kiki Kyriakou


SYNOPSIS: Three friends go for a night out in their small slice of sweet suburban paradise.