Talking Cure is a short film that uses animated sketches to illustrate improvised dialogue from comedy improv group Starla and Sons. In a four-minute mishmash of quick-fire conversations that are reminiscent of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s cartoon Rick and Morty, Talking Cure combines bizarre comedy with equally bizarre and funny animation.

The film takes place as a conversation between an bean-headed woman and her pointy therapist, as they discuss shyness and online dating. In between these therapy sessions, the film wanders into the two characters’ separate lives. The bean-headed woman finds potential love in an IT technician (who may or may not be married) and describes her perfect day, which involves eating cereal that never gets soggy – cute, but a little sad. Meanwhile, the slightly sinister therapist recounts her glory days of bullying to her son.

Because of its improvised nature, the film lacks an actual narrative structure, choosing instead to focus on conversations and seeing where they lead. This causes a little confusion after the first watch, but a couple of views allows for greater appreciation of the effect of the improvised comedy.

The animation is also great. It is shoddily drawn and the characters interact in jerky movements, but it is really effective in translating expressions. It is simple, bright and colourful, and you’ll love the way that each character is drawn in a slightly odd way that remains light and creative.

Talking Cure is weird and scatterbrained, but a refreshing piece of comedy by talented and genuinely funny actors and animators. Have a listen to the ‘B-Sides’ for improvised conversations that didn’t make it into the film.


CAST: Ryan Cruise, Emma Miller, Jordan Stein, Will Niedmann

DIRECTOR: Felipe Di Poi Camargo

WRITERS: Starla and Sons Improv Troupe

MUSIC: Paminos Kyriazis

SYNOPSIS: Improvised conversations by Starla and Sons are animated by the Simple City sketch troupe.