Gareth Evans is now one of the leading names in action cinema. The genre-defining intensity and brutality within The Raid I & II changed the game. With this latest short, he attempts this once again.

The choreography, acting and direction are sublime. Fajar Yuskemal and Aria Prayogi deserve credit too for their great sound design work throughout.

The samurai action lifted from Evans’ first film, the 2003 short Samurai Monogatari, whilst blood-free remains intense and electric. Watching this film alongside Evans’ tweets makes the viewer appreciate the effort and craft in creating just one glorious fight scene.

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CAST: Hannah Al Rashid, Yayan Ruhian, Cecep Arif Rahman

DIRECTOR: Gareth Evans

WRITER: Gareth Evans

SYNOPSIS: A young warrior is trying to deliver a peace treaty between two lords, but is ambushed by two assassins.