Show Nick Powell’s debut to some poor soul and ask who, in this monstrosity of a film, can boast a shiny gold statue called Oscar on their mantle and they may assume you’ve been lobotomised. Fear not, that’d simply mean you’re qualified to direct, write or act in Outcast.

Throughout, Hayden Christensen’s Jacob stumbles about in an opium-induced haze possibly added to excuse a complete lack of human emotion. Around him, partially-chewed scenery displays acting talent that puts the mystifyingly accented cast to shame; blame Cage for the former, blame director and writer for the latter.

A dire exercise in monotony in which Cage’s evermore eccentric acting just serves to make the whole thing sadder. Wait for the inevitable YouTube compilation; this’ll do.



CAST: Nicolas Cage, Hayden Christensen

DIRECTOR: Nick Powell

WRITER: James Dormer

SYNOPSIS: A self-exiled crusader battles personal demons as he attempts to protect the rightful heir to the throne of a Chinese kingdom.