You should love yourself before loving another – and yet actress Sarah (Taylor Hess) seems to have missed the memo.

Shot at night – the kind of time when you begin to get to know someone – and against the restless sounds of a sleepless city, actresses Danielle (Rebecca Henderson) and Sarah have the makings of something beautiful. But as their walk-and-talks continue, Sarah’s compulsive need for reassurance quickly goes from endearing to unending.

Accepted into both Sundance and SXSW, Jeremy Hersh’s mumblecore short is captivating in its unwelcome familiarity, Hersh’s naturalistic script slyly exploring where the line lies between self-deprecation and self-absorption.

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CAST: Rebecca Henderson, Taylor Hess


EDITOR: Cecilia Delgado

SYNOPSIS: As actresses Sarah (Taylor Hess) and Danielle (Rebecca Henderson) begin to date, Sarah’s insecurities threaten to eclipse their connection…