At the surface, one might expect Containment to be a paint-by-numbers thriller, sticking seven people on one set, winding them up and letting them go; but there’s enough finesse in this little indie film to raise it (at least some way) above expectations.

Short and sweet at 80 minutes, there’s not much space for character development; instead Containment uses its well-chosen cast to fill the gaps, letting their performances draw out what we never learn. The plot too never rests on its laurels, flipping halfway through to ask if monster and victim are really one and the same.

Its sense of unease and likeable cast make Containment a diverting way to spend an hour or two; if you’re looking for more, you might want to search elsewhere.



CAST: Lee Ross, Sheila Reid, Louise Brealey, Pippa Nixon, Andrew Leung, William Postlethwaite, Gabriel Senior

DIRECTOR: Neil Mcenery-West

WRITER: David Lemon

SYNOPSIS: The residents of a tower block wake to find themselves sealed in their flats by a mysterious group in Hazmat suits, and must band together to solve the mystery and escape their fate.