Lovers Lookout is not surprising, nor suspenseful and far from thrilling. This short is a simple and obvious tale. Deftly handled, it looks at the torture one can inflict through no fault of their own.

Within the first minute, the twist is clear. Strong performances from Jack Warner and Christine Oram ensure this revelation does not inhibit the narrative’s development. With continual heart-wrenching blows, the story connects and convinces.

Lovers Lookout is hardly the most sophisticated we’ve featured, but credit must go to Richard Anthony Dunford. It’s a beautifully woven tale of heartache and the sad demise of hope.

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CAST: Jack Warner and Christine Oram

DIRECTOR: Richard Anthony Dunford

WRITER: Richard Anthony Dunford

SYNOPSIS: A gentlemen spots a saddened lady while out for a stroll and goes over to offer comfort.