Having graduated just 3 years prior to their formation, small Canadian animation group Lightning Boy Studio has been working independently for 2 full years to create their debut 10-minute short, Le Gouffre.

Le Gouffre’s emotionally driven scoring and cel-shaded visual stylings subtly pair with one another to create an unusually compelling piece of semi-fantasy storytelling. Though a constant bittersweet devotion lies at the heart of Le Gouffre, the short’s capacity to move through poignant ignorance demonstrates rare maturity in finding mutual catharsis from two very different realisations.

Lightning Boy Studio is now working on a new idea for a full animated feature. Support for their next project can be found here.

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CAST: Nicolas Charbonneaux, Charles-André Gaudreau, Élisabeth Forest

DIRECTORS: Carl Beauchemin, Thomas Chrétien, David Forest


SYNOPSIS: Two adventurers attempt to cross a canyon by building a bridge.