David Cross’ Hits deftly challenges the prevalence of celebrity culture within modern society through carefully mapped characters and remarkably affectionate satire.

Despite formally adopting the often shallow posturing frequently associated with comedy-dramas, Hits immediately establishes genuine depth in and amongst the film’s inhabitants, leading to a somewhat more nuanced criticism of their ultimately fatuous aspirations.

Hits’ subtle yet earnest portrayal of Cross’ own distaste for social media platforms fittingly ties together the film’s three protagonists, but subsequently does little with the thematic significance the opportunity affords. Though effective in its use of character, Hits unfortunately overlooks its own potential.

Considerably well-written throughout, Hits’ only fault lies in its lamentable withholding of some of the more substantial elements of its tongue-in-cheek narrative statement. 



CAST: James AdomianLorenzo BeronillaJoseph K. Bevilacqua

DIRECTOR: David Cross

WRITER: David Cross

SYNOPSIS: A small town in upstate New York plays host to its inhabitants’ delusions of grandeur.