He may look gruff and wave a gun around but fear not – this is still Ice Cube at his Are We There Yet-iest.

That is largely down to Ride Along being the Chris Tucker Kevin Hart show through and through. The pint-sized punchinello (if you like short jokes, you’ll love this film) dominates proceedings throughout.

The result: if your eardrums can take it, Ride Along is perfectly inoffensive, incredibly unrealistic, adequately paced, completely forgettable, and (somehow) a massive success Stateside.

It’s sequel fodder, sure, but then we’ve all been waiting for a less-funny Rush Hour haven’t we? Haven’t we?

If you do not like Kevin Hart, you will not like Ride Along.

Rating: 2/5


CAST: Kevin Hart, Ice Cube


WRITERS: Greg Coolidge, Jason Mantzoukas, Phil Hay, Matt Manfredi

SYNOPSIS: In order to obtain his girlfriend’s brother’s, security guard Ben (Hart) plays at being a police officer for twenty-four hours.