Inside the Rain is from director, writer and star, Aaron Fisher, who plays Benjamin Glass in this loosely based autobiographical film about a college student who is diagnosed as bipolar, as well as ADHD, OCD and borderline personality. After an incident occurs while at college, Benjamin is on the verge of getting permanently expelled. He decides he wants to tell the story of his innocence by making a short film detailing the events that happened from his perspective. He recruits help from Emma, a sex worker (Ellen Toland) who will be starring alongside him.

Despite its important subject matter, Inside the Rain, unfortunately lacks in other respects, which leads the film to fall short of its potential. The dialogue comes across as awkward at times, making the film feel as if it is being acted rather than creating a more natural portrayal, and therefore not allowing the viewer to become fully engrossed in it. 

What Inside the Rain does get right is the great message it sends to audiences to continue to break down prejudices, not only against sex workers but also against the stigma of people with bipolar disorder. Benjamin respects Emma and fights against any prejudice shown against her by his psychiatrist, Dr. Holloway (Rosie Perez), and proudly tells his parents (Catherine Curtin and Paul Schulze) about her work. Another great aspect of this film is that it briefly touches on the process of crowdfunding and the very relatable struggle of producing a film without a budget. 

In the end, Fisher was doing just what Benjamin wanted to do. Much like Benjamin set out to tell his truth, Fisher is also telling his side of what living with bipolar disorder is like through creating Inside the Rain, and there is something very admirable about that.



CAST: Aaron Fisher, Ellen Toland, Rosie Perez, Eric Roberts, Catherine Curtin, Paul Schulze

DIRECTOR: Aaron Fisher

WRITER: Aaron Fisher

SYNOPSIS: Benjamin, a college student with bipolar disorder, is facing expulsion and decides the only way to prove his innocence is through creating a short film.