Never will you have watched a short film before that says so much without saying anything at all.

Following the adventures of a lonely bookmark, who is fortuitously ripped from his comfortable, solitary home, this beautiful animation is nothing if not life-affirming. If you’ve had a long day, and all you’ve been aching for is a hug and a nice cup of tea, then this is the short film for you.

Reminiscent of the works of Studio Laika, the relatively simplistic style of this animation adds a surprising amount of warmth. The bookmark itself, our main character, is incredibly emotive considering the only way it can convey emotion is through its tiny pin-prick eyes. And this is where Comeralla and Griesser are at their most resourceful, injecting an array of different emotions – from fear, to loneliness, to adventure – with relatively few resources.  It’s incredibly clever, and at just five minutes long, it’s the perfect length for its simple but effective concept.

Still, it’s a metaphor at the heart of the piece that really earns Much Better Now its stripes. It’s a message of embracing new adventures, moving on and making the most of life – by looking back, you never know what you might be missing out on. Add to this the beautiful acoustic soundtrack, notably the use of ‘They Will Say’ by Chris and The Other Girls, and it’s the perfect parable.

The central message of this completely unassuming short film is simple – it’s a mistake to look back. You can only look forward. Simple, but effective, and one that is sure to reach so many people. It’s not often you watch a film (let alone one that’s just over 5 minutes long) that touches you emotionally – but without a doubt this little bookmark will speak volumes to audiences all over.

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DIRECTORS: Philipp Comarella, Simon Griesser

ANIMATION: Philipp Comarella, Simon Griesser, Kris Staber (Arx Anima)

MUSIC: Silvio Canazei, Simon Griesser

SYNOPSIS: A gust of wind sends a lonely bookmark on an unexpected journey.