1. Money, Money, Money begets Mo’ Money, Money, Money

Mamma Mia! is getting! a sequel! And while nobody really called for it, excepting ABBA’s accountants, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t game. Universal made the announcement on Friday and confirmed that the original cast are all expected to reprise their roles in a sequel written and directed by The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’s Ol Parker.

Having grossed over $600 million worldwide on release back in 2008 – and then seemingly staying in cinemas for well over a year – it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that Universal fancy some more island-based Scandi fun. But hey-ho. Little is known about the plot, other than what can be pieced together from unused ABBA songs. What we do know is that the action will take place on the Greek island of Kalokairi and be released in cinemas July 20, 2018. Gimme gimme gimme. [via Deadline]

2. Paramount reloads its Top Gun idea

Because a Mamma Mia! sequel wasn’t “really?” enough, Variety are reporting that Paramount and Skydance Pictures are working on another Top Gun. Oblivion director Joseph Kosinski is supposedly the front-runner to direct the project. While Paramount haven’t commented on the rumours, Cruise stated as recently as Tuesday that he was “gonna start filming it probably in the next year.” Plus, Kosinski’s pairing with Cruise on Oblivion netted nearly $300 million! Plot details are unknown, but there are so many directions the story could go in: even faster jets training even more dangerously? Bottomless volleyball? Maverick ditching planes for NASCAR?

3. Minions galore in final trailer for Predictable Me 3

It’s all about the family in the latest trailer for Despicable Me 3. Well, family and minions. Faced with the news that he has a twin brother, Steve Carrell’s Gru heads off for a brotherly reunion before swiftly being tempted back into the family business. Also, Trey Parker pops up as ’80s-inspired villain Balthazar Bratt. There’s little here to put off fans of the first two films  and even less to entice everyone else – but hey, it’s worked pretty well for Universal so far. Minions surpassed $1.1 billion worldwide while Despicable Me 2 managed $970 million. Don’t expect this to perform much differently when it’s released (in the UK) on June 30.

4. Justice League loses Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder has stepped down from directing Justice League in the wake of his daughter’s suicide. Snyder’s wife, Deborah, has also taken a break from production duties. Although the film had finished principal photography, there are still a number of additional scenes to shoot, and Snyder had been expected to oversee much of the post-production work. Without Snyder at the helm, Joss Whedon has been drafted in to ensure the film makes its November 17 release date.

Although Snyder initially expected to be back at work on the film after the tragedy, he admitted to The Hollywood Reporter that “I’ve decided to take a step back from the movie to be with my family, be with my kids, who really need me. They are all having a hard time. I’m having a hard time.” Snyder’s daughter, Autumn, was found dead in March. While Warner Bros. was willing to delay the film’s release, the Snyders declined the offer. Instead, Whedon was drafted into finish a few additional scenes scheduled to shoot in England within the next few weeks. A fuller interview with the Snyders can be seen over at The Hollywood Reporter.

5. Justice League Dark loses Doug Liman

Coming only a fortnight after detailing his vision for Justice League Dark – ”something that’s actually really personal and small” – director Doug Liman has dropped out of adapting the comic series. Apparently this time it’s scheduling related. Fans of Your Week In Film (hey, Mum!) will recall that Liman left another superhero project, Gambit, back last year after disputes over the script. According to Variety, Liman’s Chaos Walking project recently received the greenlight, necessitating his leaving the project.

Variety’s sources indicate that Warner Bros. has already started meeting other directors and will announce a replacement shortly. Still, there’s no denying that this is another spanner in the works of the DC Extended Universe. The Dark Universe revolves around an alternative Justice League team: John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Deadman, Etrigan the Demon and Zatanna make up the cohort. And who among us wouldn’t want to see another Swamp Thing film?

6. Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever Tony Stark says he can

We can’t help but think Marvel got things wrong with this one. The newest trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming sees young Peter Parker enrolled in a “Stark internship”. Primary duties involve reporting to the erstwhile Iron Man with updates on crime-fighting escapades, eating free churros bought by grateful would-be victims and spitting out pithy one-liners. But really, an unpaid internship in this age? We’ll get a more comprehensive look at proceedings, and Michael Keaton’s villainous Vulture, come July 5.

7. Show me the Monae, Mann. Steve Carell can come too

Robert Zemeckis has himself three new actors for his upcoming, untitled, project. According to Deadline, the Forrest Gump and, more recently, Allied director has recruited Leslie Mann, Janelle Monáe and Steve Carell to his next film. Written by Zemeckis, the project is inspired by the true-life story of Mark Hogancamp who, in the wake of an attack that left him brain damaged, began building 1/6-scale WWII model village in his garden. What began as a therapeutic exercise threatened to spiral out of control when the media got hold of the story and – well, the rest is presumably in the film. The script was written by Zemeckis alongside Caroline Thompson (Edward ScissorhandsThe Addams Family). Hogancamp’s life has already spawned the documentary Marwencol so it’ll be interesting to see what Zemeckis, and his rapidly assembling cast, can bring to the table.

8. Sony go off-road for Uncharted casting

Nathan Drake, the charming, roguish, mass-murdering treasure-hunting star of the Uncharted video game franchise, is generally viewed as being in his early to mid-thirties. So Sony have thrown a bit of a curveball by casting the 20-year-old Tom Holland in the role. There goes Tinselwood again, ever skewing younger. According to Deadline, Sony Pictures chief Tom Rothman was so impressed by Holland’s performance in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming that he ordered a second franchise to be built around the young star.

Shawn Levy is still set to direct the potential franchise-starter that will now focus on the young adventures of Nathan Drake. Scripts have been turned in previously by Joe Carnahan, David Guggenheim and Eric Warren Singer, so Sony will be hoping this pre-boot pays off in a big way. In their favour, Tom Holland is ruddy brilliant. After Homecoming, he’ll next be seen in the Benedict Cumberbatch-Michael Shannon vehicle, The Current War.