1. La La Land and Moonlight are looking golden, me ol’ china plate

The Golden Globes—Hollywood’s generous, chuckling uncle of an awards ceremony—has announced its list of favourite nieces and nephews, and it’s good news for La La Land and Moonlight. The former has scooped seven nominations, including Best Picture, Best Director and both Best Actor, while Moonlight has done much the same, but leads in the Best Supporting Actor and Actress noms—so everyone can be happy!  Meanwhile it’s almost-as-good news for Manchester By The Sea (five nominations) and Lion and Florence Foster Jenkins (both four).

Elsewhere, as the Golden Globes always throw up a few surprises (never forget that Gore Verbinski is technically a Golden Globe winner, people), Deadpool was nominated for Best Picture (Comedy/Musical) while Hailee Steinfeld received a nomination for Best Actress (Comedy/Musical) for The Edge Of Seventeen. As for the television noms, ah go read some other pop-culture site. [via Vox]  

2. Fast and Furious gang must have hit F5 on #F8’s trailer

Why, it seems like every week the title of Most Viewed Trailer changes hands; this time the belt has been placed around the waist of messrs Diesel, Johnson, Theron, Rodriguez et. al (it’s a very large belt). Yes, The latest trailer for Universal’s Fate Of The Furious—yes, that is what it will be called—has set a global record with 139 million views in the first 24 hours after release, leapfrogging Beauty And The Beast’s measly 127.6 million. Thanks to playing the trailer on big screens across the country (big as in 30,000 square feet in the case of The Big Kahuna billboard) and numerous paid spots, #F8 looks all fuelled up for the journey to outgross Furious 7’s $1.5billion gross. [via Deadline]

3. Vin Diesel gets fast, furious, furrowed in Fate Of The Furious trailer

Speak of the devil! What’s the one thing the Fast and Furious franchise has always been about? No, not driving cars really quickly; no, not being rather peeved in the act of driving said vehicles; it’s always been about the family. Which is why the eighth (!) instalment’s twist—Vin Diesel has betrayed the gang?—is so surprising. But hey, according to the first trailer, that is indeed what has happened; only a cast of characters that includes Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Kurt Russell, Ludacris, Michelle Rodriguez and Tyrese “Woah!” Gibson can get to the bottom of the mystery. Remember, this is the film that will finally win the guys an Oscar so viddy well y’all.

4. Captain America is Mr. Bankable

In these troubling times, those plucky Hollywood studios and producers need someone they can trust to provide stability, security and billions of dollars. Never fear, Captain America is here. Yes, Chris Evans is Hollywood’s golden child for a second year in a row. To provide evidence behind the hyperbole, Forbes reports that Chris Evans’s movies returned an average of $135.80 at the box office for every $1 he was paid. Not bad returns indeed. In fairness, this is generally down to the billion dollar plus success of Captain America: Civil War. Meanwhile in a close second place, it’s Chris Pratt ($125.40 return for every $1 paid), but we’ll see how that ratio stands after Passengers

5. …and lucky Ruben Fleischer gets to have him as Mr Jekyll

Now as Chris Evans hurtles towards the end of his Marvel contract, the actor is trying to prove that he can do more than flex his fantastic body—not that we were complaining about that to start with. Nevertheless, Evans has signed on the dotted line for Ruben Fleischer’s adaptation of the 2007 BBC series Jekyll. Fleischer’s name may not ring true in every reader’s heads but he is the man who delivered Zombieland and help launch and re-launch the careers of Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg. And for those of you unfamiliar with Jekyll, it was far from straightforward adaptation of the source material, but focused upon split personality disorder in the modern age. Plus it starred the man women want to sleep with and men want to have a pint with: James Nesbitt! You’ve got a lot to live up to, Mr Evans. [via Deadline]

6. Ta daga Despicable Me 3 trailer. Nos hep nos.

Yes, that is ‘Minionese’. Yes, this is happening. Why? Honestly, that’s a stupid question; the three films the franchise, so far, have made the ridiculous sum of $2.6 billion, off a combined production budget of $219 million. Sure, we all want high art and wondrous films, but if you can make ten times your investment by making little yellow things say the word “banana” over and over again, why wouldn’t you? And at the very least, my [David] mum loves those yellow minions. So anything that she likes goes, no matter how stupid they are.

7. An Inconvenient Truth is getting a pretty convenient sequel

As if the global political situation weren’t encouraging enough, notorious party animal Al Gore has announced plans to remind us all that the world is going to hell no matter what: An Inconvenient Truth is getting a sequel! Paramount Pictures and Participant Media announced the plans this week, saying that An Inconvenient Truth 2 will follow Gore’s fight to build a more sustainable future. Said Gore on Friday “Now more than ever we must rededicate ourselves to solving the climate crisis” conceding that the mid-2000s double-punch of An Inconvenient Truth and The Day After Tomorrow refused to halt humanity’s slow descent into extinction. Still, let’s see if the sequel can change all that—coming 2017. [via Variety]

8. Please, please, please spend more time on the script. A.K.A. Robbie and Ayer team up again

Whilst Warner Bros./DC recover from a fairly abominable 2016—critically, at least—it seems that the highlight of the much maligned Suicide Squad is being given all the love that can be offered. Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn is set to lead Gotham City Sirens, a feature which will showcase the top female villains from the DC stable. David Ayer, the director of Suicide Squad, is set to take the helm once more on directing and producing duties. For those unaware, the Gotham City Sirens series is a who’s who of Batman’s female enemies: Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Quinn. We could get prematurely excited but we’re not going to fall for that old trick again; instead we’ll just have content ourselves with sitting back and waiting for Poison Ivy costumes to become more popular than Harley Quinn for the next several Halloweens… [via The Hollywood Reporter]

9. Christopher Nolan done kirkin’, releases appropriate trailer

War. War never changes. Although, with Christopher Nolan at the helm, it at least looks pretty incredible. Yes, the first trailer for Nolan’s Dunkirk has been rescued from the beaches of a Hollywood editing room and it is, as you’d suspect, something special. Mark Rylance, Kenneth Branagh, Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy and Harry Styles head up those plucky Tommys trying to find a way out of France, whether in a body bag or otherwise.

10. Ben Mendelsohn feeling villainous, what else is new?

What is it about Ben Mendelsohn? What makes this 4:3 William H. Macy so very… evil (in films)? Whether in Rogue One, Slow West or The Dark Knight Rises, the guy makes a good villain (and an excellent fur-model). So it’s not much of a surprise that Variety are reporting that Lionsgate are in negotiations with the actor for the role of Sheriff Of Nottingham in the upcoming Robin Hood: Origins. We previously reported how Jamie Dornan was hopping aboard as the (sexy) Will Scarlett so now it looks like Dornan, as well as Taron Egerton’s Robin Hood, will go bow to bow with Mendelsohn’s corrupt/misunderstood public official. There can be only one victor.

– SON & DB