1. Let’s start with something Incredible

The one Pixar sequel that people have actually asked for is coming, and sooner than you thought. Yes, everyone’s favourite superpowered family will return in the summer of 2018 for The Incredibles 2, with Brad Bird, who has never made a bad film (ignoring Tomorrowlandthat never happened and it doesn’t count) helming proceedings. On the flip side of that, and looking to sequels that nobody’s really keen on, Toy Story 4 has been pushed back to June 2019. While we’re keen to see Rashida Jones and Will McCormack produce the script and truly hit the big time for their writing talents, unease at seeing the gang return again remains rife within ORWAV. But we guess that considering Toy Story 3 made a billion dollars, it’s kind of understandable why Pixar might go back to the well for a little bit more.

2. Another Has Fallen is callin’

For some (financial) reason, there will be a third instalment in the -Has Fallen franchise. This comes according to Deadline, which has it that Gerard Butler’s bodyguard-in-chief Mike Banning will kick, stab and shoot even more evildoer ass, but this time with him as the target and not President Aaron Eckhart. Titled Angel Has Fallen, the threequel will likely take place on Air Force One, considering the plane is codenamed Angel. Yes, this does raise the question of why Banning’s attackers didn’t wait to go after him in a substantially less safe location. Still, logic, moderation, tactfulness and plot never seemed to matter in any of the other films so don’t worry about it.

3. Don’t worry, there could still be a Bad Moms sequel

Remember all that stuff we said about Bad Moms getting spinoffs and digital content and all sorts of horrible things that no one who isn’t an accountant for STX Entertainment asked for? Well, relax. According to writer/directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, their number one priority is getting Bad Moms 2 made. Then they’ll do the whole spinoff guff. In an interview with Cinemablend, Lucas admitted that “our primary focus is doing a sequel… it was too fun making this thing to not make another one.” Moore went on to say that “we could do 10 movies with them and it would be fun,” leading Lucas to follow up with “we want to go full Police Academy where we are on, like, Number 9 or 10.” So there you have it. Police Academy’s the limit, guys.

4. Why don’t you make like M. Night and Split?

“Why hire 23 different actors when you can just have James McAvoy play them all?” It’s unknown whether this was the thought process of M. Night Shyamalan when he sat down to write Split (it was more likely “hmm, this Donald Kaufman fella has a great idea!”) but, hey, who knows? Split sees ol’ Jimmy Maccers playing a man with at least 23 personalities who kidnaps three girls and holds them hostage. Now, because it’s an M. Night Shyacular what do we think the twist is? That the victims are yet more personalities? That his therapist is another personality? That the film is actually good?

5. Spectre es muy bueno for Day Of The Deadheads

As Daniel Craig slowly edges back from the brink of slashing his wrists at the prospect of playing Bond again, a strange but wonderful impact of his last outing has been felt in Mexico City. The story stems from—and this part helps if you’ve seen Spectrethe film’s grand operatic opening as 007 chases a bad guy through a Day of the Dead festival. Shocking as it may be, this festival isn’t a regular occurrence; it was all the magic of fiction. However, Mexico City has decided that the prospect of a festival was so cool that they might as well host their own on October 29. Said Tourism Minister Enrique de la Madrid “based on the film, there will be this festival”—and that’s practically ironclad. News18 explains how “the procession will have hundreds of volunteers and will revisit the props and the wardrobe of the well-known film Spectre”. This is without a doubt the best story we’ve got this week.

6. Godzilla 2 might soon roar into life with a new director

Whatever you thought of Gareth Edwards’s Godzilla—and very own Mr Calum Baker thought it both “worthwhile” and “somewhat embarrassing”—we can all agree that it made over $500 million worldwide. However, Edwards has sinced moved onto pastures new, so Legendary Pictures are out looking for someone to tame the beast. Step forward Krampus director Michael Dougherty. Maybe. This news comes via Screen Crush, who are careful to clarify that the talks are ongoing and dependent on Legendary approving a script written by Dougherty and his writing partner Zach Shields. While time is on Legendary’s side, things will need to get moving so as to make the proposed Godzilla vs. Kong smashtacular crossover that is currently set for 2020. 

7. The Long Contrabulous Flaptraption of Billy Lynn’s Halftime Walk

It could’a had class; it could’a been a contender. Well, that’s what the reviews have been saying about Ang Lee’s latest flick, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk anyway. Still, we’ll keep our minds open. After all, the cast is impressive—Vin Diesel in a serious role, people!—and the idea of 120 frame per second cinema is one we have to experience, whether for positive or negative reasons. In any case, here’s the latest trailer that came out earlier this week.

8. Shaun The Shequel

Aardman has announced that the Shaun The Sheep Movie is getting itself a sequel, set to be directed by the first film’s director Richard Starzak. The original, which was Oscar-nominated, saw the titular… sheep take a trip to the big city alongside the rest of his flock. Well don’t worry, the successor is due to hit “even greater heights of lunacy,” according to stop-motion wizards of Aardman. The announcement certifies that it’s a busy time for Aardman, who are already at work on Nick Park’s prehistoric comedy, Early Man, which is set to star Eddie Redmayne and Tom HiddlestonShaun The Sheep Movie 2 will probably not have such a well-known voice cast, but you never know.

9. There’s a new Santa Claus coming to town

Close your eyes for a moment and picture a rooftop, all covered in snow. There’s a chill in the cold, still air but in the distance, you hear a faint twinkling. The sound draws ever nearer and there! Up in the sky! Why, it’s a sleigh pulled by… reindeer? Yes, reindeer. All lined up to land on the rooftop. Eventually, with a small thud that stirs a few flakes from their slumber, the sleigh lands and out of this bizarre contraption carefully steps a figure, all clad in red and white. What does he look like?

Correct, he looks like Kevin Hart, who is set to play Santa Claus in Dashing Through The Snow, a new Disney comedy that would see Hart’s Santa help a New York cop to fix his relationship with his son. That’s right, it’s like someone finally combined Die Hard, Die Hard 5, and hard drugs. [via The Hollywood Reporter]

10. The Uncharted movie tracks down Shawn Levy

Unlike most video game adaptations, the Uncharted movie hasn’t had the typical straightforward development process and massive critical and commercial acclaim. The project, which first had David O. Russell attached only to evolve into a Joe Carnahan vehicle, has hit a snag. Unfortunately Carnahan’s a little busy with Bad Boys 3 at the moment, that and finishing Uncharted’s script like the good sport he is, so Sony Pictures have had to look elsewhere. They’ve looked as far as Night At The Museum director Shawn Levy. No, signing up the director of The Pink Panther reboot isn’t the most exhilirating pick for a much-loved video game franchise but… nope, got nothing. [via Deadline]

– SON & DB