1. Harley Quinn set to return with a new squad of misfits

Now that the dust has settled, let’s please call Suicide Squad what it was: a frustratingly profitable piece of crap. Well, as the history of American film proves, profitable pieces of crap breed profitable pieces of crap. Despite never really explaining why she was there in the first place other than to provide depressingly outdated eye candy courtesy of some genuinely exploitative outfits – seriously, who brings a baseball bat to a firefight? – Harley Quinn has always resonated with the fans and Margot Robbie’s iteration has clearly proved popular. Given Suicide Squad‘s $700million dollar haul, naturally, Harley Quinn will return. Sigh.

Little is known about Harley’s return other than the fact she will likely appear alongside a batch of female heroes and villains including, potentially, the Birds of Prey and Batgirl [via Hollywood Reporter], but don’t get your hopes up – we’ve been burned before (and before and before).

2. Stan Lee’s rocking 1970s are coming to a cinema near you!

When you think of a suave, debonair bon vivant quipping his way through Hollywood, you likely think of only one man: Stan Lee. 20th Century Fox agree, and have bought the life rights to Stan Lee’s… life, with plans to shoot them in the style of Kingsman or Roger Moore-era 007 [via The Hollywood Reporter]. It’s being made clear that Stan! (a title we just made up) will focus on Lee’s 1970s, a decade that saw the Marvel Man moving to Hollywood as he sought to get his characters adapted to the big screen—a dream triumphantly realised with Howard the Duck in 1986. No other details about the project have been made available, but we’d imagine that there will be just enough room for a sneaky cameo from one of comic’s greatest visionaries—or there would be, if Jack Kirby wasn’t dead.

3. Nocturnal Animals boasts an impressive looking trailer

Being both a pioneering fashion designer and now a must-watch film director, Tom Ford is certainly an impressive guy. It has been a long wait since his fantastic 2009 debut A Single Man, but he’s back with a bang in noir thriller Nocturnal Animals, which opened well in Venice and now has a gorgeous trailer to its name.

4. Benicio del Toro in talks to join Predator, God confirms existence

Shane Black’s Predator reboot was already a fairly tantalising prospect courtesy of its marriage of both “Shane Black” and “Predator”—but now there’s another reason to get excited: Benicio del Toro. The Sicario star is reportedly in early talks with 20th Century Fox about joining the project, co-written by Black and Fred Dekker, but if everything works out, we’ll finally have proof of divine existence [via Deadline]. Although Fox are drilling it into us that Black and Dekker’s treatment is a reboot, those who have seen early drafts have confessed that really this is more of a sequel, taking place several years after the original. Either way, we’re excited, if only because further development gives us a reason to keep writing Black & Dekker

5. Rogue One composer Alexandre Desplat to be replaced by Michael Giacchino

Alexandre Desplat is a busy bee; with 27 feature credits to his name since 2012 alone – including his charming Oscar-winning score for Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel – the composer extraordinaire is clearly in high demand. So much so, in fact, that he has been, um, forced (get it?) to depart from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story for pastures new [via Hollywood Reporter].

Fear not; step up Michael Giacchino. The Pixar favourite has already won himself an Oscar courtesy of Up‘s wonderful score, and has had his mettle tested in blockbuster territory before with the likes of Star Trek Into Darkness and Jurassic World, so it’s safe to say that Rogue One‘s music is in safe hands.

6. James McAvoy will attempt to survive Extinction

Cheeky ol’ James McAvoy has his next project lined up, if Deadline is to be believed (and we see no reason that they shouldn’t be). The erstwhile Professor Xavier is apparently set to star in Extinction, a sci-fi thriller in which a mechanic is forced to take action after the earth is invaded by an enemy that soon seems to be more than they appear. The script has been floating around the depths of the internet for a while and is said to be a handy slice of original sci-fi fun—once you get past all the death and the invasion and the struggle. Although no director is attached, the project has already attracted a number of writers including Eric Heisserer—currently scooping up plaudits for having penned Denis Villeneuve’s latest, Arrival—boding pretty well for McAvoy’s move.

7. Disney release some mo’ Moana

If you had to travel a great distance and journey into the realm of monsters, you could easily choose worse partners than Dwayne Johnson (personally, I’d go for Daley Thompson). Handily, Moana (Auli’i Cravalho) has partnered up with Dwayne Johnson, who’s busy playing the legendary shape-shifting demigod, Maui. Accordingly, the two look to be having a jolly old time in the newest, genuinely beautiful trailer for Disney’s Moana. Also starring Alan Tudyk and Jemaine Clement, Moana is out December 2nd in the UK.

8. Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil creator to return with Little Evil

If nothing else, Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil is a perfect late night, post-pub film. Balancing chills with laughs to rewarding effect, Eli Craig’s wrong-place-wrong-time horror comedy is a big bag of fun. Guess what? He’s back with another horror comedy (well, if it ain’t broke… ) courtesy of Netflix [via Hollywood Reporter].

Due on Netflix sometime in 2017, Little Evil will be written and directed by Eli Craig and will star American indie comedy go-to guy Adam Scott alongside recent dwarf heartthrob Evangeline Lilly. Can’t wait.

9. The Toxic Avenger to be rebooted courtesy of Sausage Party co-director Conrad Vernon

Conrad Vernon, co-director of hit dick-joke marathon Sausage Partyis bringing the 1980s cult hit The Toxic Avenger back to life [via Deadline]. The Troma hit – which spawned three sequels – followed docile mop boy Melvin, who is transformed into the titular ‘hero’ after falling into toxic waste. It’s a violent-as-hell satire of Reagan’s America that is offensive, funny, and still worth a watch.

Vernon has come out to say that his version is going to be more “grounded”, “real”, and “mainstream” [via Empire]. If that is indeed the case then Vernon clearly has never seen the original, which remains a fun late-night movie for fans of trash and cult cinema. So, yeah, this is now a thing. Another remake that is almost guaranteed to tank. Shame.

10. Rob Lowe joins Super Troopers 2

Wait, what? Super Troopers 2? Yes, it really has been 15 largely incident-free years since Jay Chandrasekhar and the rest of the Broken Lizard comedy troupe “gifted” us Super Troopers, a strange little road movie featuring a bunch of incompetent Vermont state troopers. Did anyone really want a sequel to that? Well, yes, apparently. After receiving its funding via IndieGoGo, where it drew more than $4.5 million of investment, the sequel recently started production with much of the same cast as before—but for one significant addition. Rob Lowe has joined the inevitable carnage so, sure, why not keep your eyes open for this one; it’s sure to be a treat. Sigh.