With shades of Submarine, Morris from America literalises the alienation of adolescence by relocating the titular teen and making him a fish out of water. Though Markees Christmas’ charming and likeable Morris is a great guy to spend 90 minutes with, Hartigan deftly balances a parallel plot exploring the dislocation of his father.

Though Hartigan introduces just a little sense of peril – the threat of Morris being yanked from childhood too soon – Morris from America is a feel good movie that can’t help but be imbued with its protagonist’s imagination and infectious good humour.

With a talented new face as the lead and an eye for subculture – it really captures the experience of listening to music – Morris from America could be 2016’s Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.



CAST: Craig Robinson, Carla Juri, Lina Keller, Markees Christmas

DIRECTOR: Chad Hartigan

WRITERS: Chad Hartigan

SYNOPSIS: Morris is a 13-year-old African-American who moves to Heidelberg with his dad, who coaches professional soccer. The film explores Morris’s attempts to fit in with German kids. He falls for a girl at a youth club and she encourages him to open up a little and share his rapping.