Bannière Horizontale Jaune

Japanese auteur Hirokazu Koreeda strikes gold yet again with this superlative and poetic portrait of another fractured family unit. Nobody paints for us the highs and lows of familial interaction quite like him.

His subject and characters are, as ever, handled with grace, humour and endless wisdom. There’s real honesty and emotion behind every fond memory, acknowledgement of error, or difficult truth, and all are blessed with Koreeda’s unparalleled deftness of touch.

Koreeda’s sensitivity to shared histories loved and lost carries over to his cast’s gentle and naturalistic performances – they’re a joy to be stuck indoors with, squabbles and all.

If watching Koreeda’s films were made compulsory, the world would be a much better place – we’re lucky to have him.



CAST: Abe Hiroshi, Maki Yoko, Yoshizawa Taiyo, Kiki Kilin

DIRECTOR: Hirokazu Koreeda

WRITER: Hirokazu Koreeda

SYNOPSIS: After the death of his father, Ryota (Hiroshi) attempts to reconcile with his ex-wife and to find a stable place in his son’s life. A stormy night trapped indoors gives him an ideal opportunity.

After The Storm is out 2nd June.

After the Storm was screened in Un Certain Regard at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.