Homme Less is an engaging documentary about former model turned fashion photographer Mark Raey, who defies all expectations of what it is to be homeless.

There’s an oddly voyeuristic pleasure and sense of admiration in Mark’s ability to live this double life, further romanticised with sweeping Manhattan panoramas, beautiful models and a jazzy soundtrack.

The film really hits its stride when the director gets beneath Mark’s charming persona to reveal an anxious and remarkably insightful man who questions his own worth. When we see Raey, wrapped in his tarpaulin, weary, depressive and cold, the extremity of the situation comes to light.

Homme Less is an insightful documentary which reveals the chaotic nightmare of following one’s dreams and the ease with which you can slip through the net. 



DIRECTOR:  Thomas Wirthensohn

SYNOPSIS: A documentary following Mark Raey, a handsome, sharply dressed former model, who during the day seems to be a successful fashion photographer but at night sleeps on a Manhattan rooftop.