It’s not often that a documentary crew goes out to shoot one film but tragic events and political circumstance force them to adapt and create a different film altogether. Sherpa is one such film and is all the more powerful for it.

Simultaneously arthouse-beautiful and fiercely political, this will set jaws agape both through its stunning imagery and its objective portrayal of its complex cast of interviewees.

Attitudes and cultures clash in compelling ways as the courageous Sherpas’ religious, environmental and economical dependence on and respect for Everest is horribly misunderstood by their rich and often selfish Western clients.

Sherpa dazzles and shocks in its portrayal of Everest and its pragmatic yet sadly exploited people. Riveting throughout, you’ll come for the mountain, but stay for the Sherpas’ extraordinary call-to-arms.



CAST: Phurba Tashi Sherpa, Russell Brice, Ed Douglas

DIRECTOR: Jennifer Peedom

WRITER: Jennifer Peedom

SYNOPSIS: Documentary. In 2013, a brawl on Everest between some Westerners and their Sherpa mountain guides highlighted a sea change in the attitude of the enormously skilled but underappreciated Sherpas. When tragedy strikes the following year, the Sherpas gather around their cause.

SHERPA is nominated for Best Documentary BAFTA, is currently in cinemas and will broadcast globally on Discovery Channel in 2016

  • Thomas Thorpe

    Sherpa was a very interesting watch on Discovery channel but it took a lot of energy and effort to read the tiny subtitles. Maybe they were easy to read in the theater, but I lost a lot of context not being able to read many of the sub titles. With so much resolution on today’s screens, why not create decent sized sub titles?