Graduation films pour out in their droves, varying from pure dreck to the astounding. Luckily our latest Short of the Week lands towards the positive end of this spectrum.

The Technician is an accomplished start. Clean, clear and simple, writer/director James Arden is effective with his time. Touching upon society’s fears over online security, the thriller wrings tension out of its concept. Echoing themes from One Hour Photo, Arden delivers good jolts of shock and intrigue throughout.

Although far from perfect, the short highlights class and composition from Arden. It’ll be fascinating to monitor his career and what comes next.

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CAST: Keir Brown, Robin Tudge and Carolyn Eden

DIRECTOR: James Arden

WRITER: James Arden

SYNOPSIS: A prying I.T. technician who steals private files from his clients’ computers uncovers something best left hidden.