We’ll Find Something (2015) from casey gooden on Vimeo.

Casey Gooden’s We’ll Find Something tells the story of a young, outwardly hip couple on a search for food in New York City. The couple – played by Upstream Colour collaborators Shane Carruth and Amy Seimetz – quickly find their quest hindered by strict dietary preferences, but soon their bickering foregrounds a whole host of attendant issues.

We’ll Find Something wears its mumblecore influence on its sleeve, beside other nods towards the likes of Woody Allen and, more recently, Noah Baumbach. While the characters aren’t always likable, this remains a sobering look at the complexities of relationships in the modern age.

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CAST: Shane Carruth, Amy Seimetz

DIRECTOR: Casey Gooden

WRITER: Casey Gooden

SYNOPSIS: A young couple in search for a place to eat in New York City soon find that their appetites are the least of their worries.