From a minuscule budget, this evocative and smartly done war short has been born.

Powered by the energy coursing through the veins of its youthful cast and crew, director Millen embraces this unique quality to ensure the short runs at pace.

With an interesting wink towards Of Mice and Men, Shells strikes all the necessary emotional chords to succeed.

Whilst the music and makeup sometimes miss the mark, with the excesses overwhelming on occasion, there’s a lot to like here. Shells is a strong showcase for these debutantes, with Millen and Henri-Thomas talents to watch.

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CAST: James Henri-Thomas, George Taylor, Tadgh Alexander, George Johnston

DIRECTOR: Alexander Millen

WRITERS: Alexander Millen & Tamzin Novakovic

SYNOPSIS: Traumatised by the horrors of shell warfare, Benjamin Elliott turns to his brother George for salvation; the hope of a world outside the trenches.