The best thing about Momentum, this year’s least anticipated political-gangster thriller, is its Stomp-style opening credit sequence. It gets a bit hammy after that.

The camera lingers longest on Kurylenko in her underwear, but really James Purefoy’s ‘Mr. Washington’ is  the best reason to watch this film.

Also more interesting than the plot is the chance to play ‘spot the rehashed 1990s action scenes’. The multi-story car park chase is more Tomorrow Never Dies than Bourne. And the opening bank heist sequence makes you wonder whether Campanelli still watches his VHS copy of Bandits (remember that?).

All the parts of a Bourne-style political action thriller are there but none of the heart. You’re better off watching Bourne himself.



CAST: Olga Kurylenko, James Purefoy, Morgan Freeman

DIRECTOR: Stephen Campanelli

WRITERS: Adam Marcus, Debra Sullivan

SYNOPSIS: Secretive thief Alex (Kurylenko) is caught up in a deadly game of chase with a smart-talking assassin, working for a bent politician, who casually murders her accomplices. Her quest for revenge leads her to unmask the conspiracy behind it all.